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Confident Woman International

Building Sisterhood and Communities for over 9 years


Join a Cause That Reflects Your Values and Builds a Legacy


At Confident Woman International, we believe in the power of community

and the strength of sisterhood.

Founded in 2015, our mission is to promote community togetherness,

family building, and wealth formation.

We are dedicated to creating a supportive network that empowers women

to grow from within, instill values in our youth, and honor the strength of our men.


What makes our cause great?

It's the people—like-minded and passionate individuals

coming together to make a difference.



Ready to Make a Difference?

Your involvement speaks volumes about your character and the legacy you want to leave. Whether you’re looking to serve, support, or donate, your contribution helps us build an army of Confident Women....and men, who inspire change.

Join Us Today and Be a Part of Something Truly Great.

Confident Woman International, Inc. 

Who is

Support Us in Making a Difference

         Since receiving our non-profit status in January 2019, we've dedicated ourselves to blessing others. Our primary focus             has been feeding and providing personal hygiene items for Atlanta's homeless community, and we’re eager to expand             our impact even further. Our ambitious plans include purchasing an outreach center, hosting community events,                       honoring local leaders, and holding town hall meetings.

         The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us to appreciate what we have and recognize the importance of helping those             in need. We’ve learned that “lacking” doesn't look a certain way, and abundance isn’t just about money. To continue our           mission of support, education, and community building, we need your help.


How You Can Help:

           Donate: Your financial contributions enable us to provide essential resources to those who need them most.
            Volunteer: Share your time and expertise to educate and enlighten the community.
            Partner with Us: If you have services or knowledge to share, we’d love to be your platform. 


      Email us with your ideas or join our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming opportunities. Together, we can create            events that showcase your talents and make a meaningful difference. 


      Join us in making a lasting impact today!

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