Confident Woman International

Building Sisterhood and Communities for over 5 years

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Joining any cause is a testament to who you are and what you stand for. Being apart of something great speaks to your character, your values and the legacy you want to leave. But what makes an organization or cause “great”? People with like minds and hearts joining together to make a difference.

Launched in 2015, Confident Woman International, proudly promotes community togetherness, family building and wealth formation. We strongly believe all these things can be obtained by developing strong bonds of sisterhood. If you build the woman from inside out, you will instill morality in our youth, highlight the royalty of our men and promote an army of Ruby Women…of Confident Women.

Now to the hard part…. deciding the difference you want to make.

Giving Back

We are a fully accredited non-profit organization. So when you donate items, time and momentarily, you will receive* a letter confirming your donation for tax purposes.  

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We Support

We strive to align ourselves with local and national organizations that share our passion to help people. Here are some organizations and causes we have joined forces with help make a difference in the world. 

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We love to have a good time for good causes. All our events will have a mission in mind whether it is a live event or an online meet and greet. Either way, lets laugh and come together to bring smiles on the faces of others. 


A 501c3 Organization striving to build our communities.

Donate here and watch your dollars make a difference.