With all that is going on in our nation, it is

imperative that we come together not only to

voice our opinions but to provided obtainable

solutions. The first step, identify your cause and

join arms with individuals who strive to make

a change as well.


Launched in 2015, Confident Woman set out to

build our communities one woman at a time.

We truly believe in building our women, from

the inside out. Through physical, mental and

spiritual growth, we can build self-confident

children and motivate our men to reach the

magnitude of greatness they were meant to.

There are so many great life coaches and motivational speakers out writing amazing books, but it is something more motivating when the people speaking are people you can relate to, people you can touch or talk to without standing in line for a book signing. Confident Woman, LLC is the bridge that connects accessibility, relatability, education and change.


Our brand has proven to be an organization that has a good standing in the community and looking forward to expanding that brand throughout the country. As a matter of fact, we are reaching the masses internationally with a thriving chapter of Confident Woman in Australia. With your addition to Confident Woman, you are helping the cause reach people in a more personal way in your neighborhood. With you, we can expand and do more amazing things one neighborhood at a time.

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