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about us

We received our non-profit status in January 2019 and since we have been brainstorming on other ways to bless others. Feeding and providing personal hygiene items for Atlanta's Homeless Community has been a bulk of our outreach and  we look forward to doing more. Purchasing a outreach center, community events, honoring our community leaders, town hall meeting and much more are all on the agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to look within and not only appreciate the things we do have but the things we don't have as well. It has force us to slow down and appreciate each other as well as find ways we can help the less fortunate. We learned that "lacking" doesn't look a certain way and abundance is not only about money. 

In order for us to continue supporting, doing our part to build and sharing education in the community, we need your help. Buy sharing your time and expertise, we are able to educate and enlighten the masses. By donating we are able to provide resources that may be out of reach for some. 

If you have services you would like to provide to the community or if you have a knowledge to share with your community, we would love to be a platform for you. Email us and tell us what you have in mind. Or you can join our mailing list and give a little information. We will defiantly put together an event for you to shine. 

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