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Confident Woman International, Inc (CW) and The Barber Shoppe Marketing Salon (BSMS) has added a style like no other to their collection. The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine IS the next explosion in the edutainment (education and entertainment) publication industry. Here, we believe personal development is the key to growth in all areas of your life. The more we learn about different lifestyles, our community and methods we can use to help the world around us, we learn more about what and who we are. With our resolve to reach and represent the masses, leaving no stone unturned, we are showing an amazing representation of what it means to educate, entertain and connect.


CW and BSMS are looking to change the methods of conventional learning and education. The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine will be the publication that will bridge the gap as an empowering and eye-opening publication not just focusing on women, but PEOPLE willing to grow and learn in every area of their lives be it business, personal, financial, relational or health. Our publication will be a collection of testimonies from men, women and youth designed to make you think, laugh, dream, cry and be thankful for the things we have and don’t have, in our lives.


Stacee Hill and ShiCara Barber Holiday envision The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine being the next big digital publication in edutainment and look forward to you being part of the growth. Our first edition hit the press March 18th, 2017….and in 7 days, with very little marketing, we reached over 1000 views!! Beginning October 2018, The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine will be published every quarter on Issuu, an international digital publication platform receiving over 100 million views a month. Here you will be able to download and view the publication on your computers or mobile devices via their app (available on Apple and Android devices).  The salon doors and the arms of sisterhood are always open for writers of all walks of life to share their stories and points of view. The publication is not just for one demographic of readers so we are definitely not looking for one demographic of writer. The magazine is for anyone who has the desire to grow with an open mind...and heart.

There's a Masterpiece in YOU!!

There are three ways to be a part of the Confident Woman Magazine. Start by submitting an advertisement for your business or event. There are several advertising options, so we are sure you will find something that fits your needs.  

You can become a writer for Confident Woman Magazine. Based on the different topics and different subject areas, we will be asking for people to contribute their knowledge and testimonies to the pages. Or if you feel you have something to contribute, volunteer!


Lastly, and most importantly, purchase your copy of Confident Woman Magazine, share the link and have your friends and family purchase their copies. 

For more information about becoming a writer or purchasing advertising space, visit The Barber Shoppe Marketing Salon for details!

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