Confident Woman

International, Inc.


Welcome Ladies!!


Thank you for your interest in Confident Woman International, Inc. Your support means a lot not only Stacee and ShiCara, but to the communities, you have just signed on to help.  Our brand has proven to be an organization that has a good standing in the community and looking forward to expanding that brand throughout the country. As a matter of fact, we are reaching the masses internationally with a thriving chapter of Confident Woman in Australia. With your addition to Confident Woman, you are helping the cause reach people in a more personal way in your neighborhood. With you, we can expand and do more amazing things one neighborhood at a time.


As a Confident Woman International, Inc, you are a representation of not only you and your family. But you represent your community, your city and the Confident Woman brand. If you see a need, let’s fulfill it or figure out how we can make a difference. It would be nice to have a Mother’s Day Power in the Purse event in every city, it would be awesome to host a back to school bash or empowerment walk in every city where we have representatives, so let’s put our minds and hearts together and form something amazing!!! We look forward to members promoting the growth of CWII. Bringing other women who are like minded will be crucial to the growth of CWII. As a member, an expectation will be for you to spread the mission you have joined and bring other women in to do the same.