Confident Woman 



At one point, cancer was something that we associated with old people and people who live 'unhealthy' lives. Today cancer can affect anyone, anywhere at any age. We have to arm ourselves with knowledge and preventative measures. If we happen to become a victim...and I use that word lightly...what do we do next? How do we fight? How do we continue to care for our families? How do we survive? How do we move forward? 


Susan G. Komen is synonymous with cancer, particularly breast cancer, and had been operating since 1982. Over the last 38 years, many have joined the fight with companies endorsing them and yearly breast cancer awareness walks. Now while Confident Woman supports the mission, we are choosing to align ourselves with Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green of the Ora Lee Smith Research Foundation. Dr. Green has proven her cancer-fighting methods in the curing of mice and currently working toward a trail where testing can begin on humans. This woman and her mission is powerful on so many levels and we look forward to officially joining her mission. In the meantime, take a look at some of her interviews and visit the Ora Lee Smith Research Foundation website. 


“My goal is to change the
way cancer is treated.”
-Dr. Green

The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation was
founded by Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. Dr. Green is
a multi-disciplinary physicist who specializes in
targeted cancer therapeutics, using laser-activated
nanoparticles and immunotherapies to develop
biomarker-specific platforms to target, image,
and treat malignant tumors. Find out more below.