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Thank you Monica McCoy of Monica Motivates. Your story and your mission is an inspiration and we appreciate you for being our feature!!

Did you make a New Year Resolution or Revolation?

Let's not limit Black History to 28 days....How about Black and Brown History EVERYDAY

This and more in this interactive edition of The Line Up Presnts: Confident Woman Magazine

The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine

  • This purchase will grant you access to the password protected page where you are able to view and follow your personal link to the March 2018 The Line Up Presents: Confident Woman Magazine. 


    Once you make your purchase, you will be sent an email that contains the Access Granted Password and a direct link to the page where you will enter your password and begin reading your copy. 


    You had to pay for your access please allow others to do the same. 

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